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This road is not open yet

We appreciate your interest in our tools and the user network. However, work is still in progress so you have to wait for our grand opening some more.

We will launch functionality – “tools” – step by step, starting with a small but very useful tool set. The list of tools that we intend to provide over time is quite impresive so once opened, this site will grow fast.

If you have own project ideas that benifit a group of people and your ideas would be easier to realise with a web or app based tool of some kind, please tell us about your idea and what kind of tool you need. If it’s not in our pool of ideas already , then we would like to add it.

We also would like to hear from you who develop tools or functionality that complement ours. We are open to all kinds of business collaboration. We may, for instance, provide your tools from within our site if they fit our concept. Our technical framework supports remotely produced functionality.